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Gianluca Falcomer
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Gianluca Falcomer
Gianluca Falcomer

Hey, I'm Gian!


Self Taught Software Engineer & Project Manager

I'm proficient in a multitude of different programming languages, and have been working on several enterprise projects over the past 8 years! I'm also the founder and CEO of an online startup generating over 5 figures in monthly revenue.

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About Me

About Me

Solving the worlds problems, one line at a time

I'd consider myself an excellent team player, and someone aware of effective time-management techniques. I take pride in what I do, and always ensure I deliever high quality services to my network of private clients. I'm an extremely flexible, punctual, self-motivated, and highly organized leader, who consistently strives to change the industry, think outside the box, and make a significant impact in all areas.


Software Development

I started my Software Development journey in 2010 by learning Java to create Bukkit Plugins. Since then, I've gone on to learn HTML, JavaScript, Swift and a few others!


Video Editing

I used to post videos on YouTube, and learnt how to edit using Final Cut Pro. I can do pretty much anything; green screening, rotoscoping, transitions and more!



I've been running my own projects, and have experience in handling large communities, planning events, and ensuring everything just gets done!


Audio Enginner

I've had a love for music for as long as I can remember, and really enjoy creating my own melodies, sound effects, and lofi-esque beats using Logic Pro X!

Open Source

I like open source; other people do the work for (sorry, with) me

I've taken a freemium approach with all of my open source plugins/projects, and have made them available in their compiled binaries on SpigotMC. All the code will remain freely available to anyone on GitHub; happy hacking!

Current Projects

Current Projects

Below is an updated list of all the Minecraft Networks I am associated with; either directly, or indirecttly

SharkBlocks' website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival, Creative, SkyBlock and KitPvP that I own in partnership with 09sharkboy

EyServer's website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival, Creative, SkyBlock and KitPvP that I own in partnership with Eystreem

TheCaveMC's website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival and Creative that I own in partnership with ConstructorLeo

Contact Me

Contact Me

Whether you're looking for some help on an upcoming project, interested to know more with something I've created/worked on, or just want to have a chat, I'm always available!

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Alerium Services, Ltd.

Software Development Agency formed in South Africa that owns and operates several different Game Servers

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