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Gianluca Falcomer
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Gianluca Falcomer
Gianluca Falcomer

Hey, I'm Gian!


Influencer Marketer & Project Manager


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About Me

About Me

Crafting a brighter future, one step at a time

I'm a seasoned digital entrepreneur revolutionizing the online gaming and content creation landscape since 2015. With expertise in crafting enterprise level Minecraft servers and Roblox games, I have cultivated a significant presence in the gaming community. In addition to game design & development, I excel in managing teams dedicated to elevating the video production quality of various gaming YouTubers. As a trailblazer in online entrepreneurship, I not only sustain a thriving career but also play a pivotal role in the dynamic intersection of gaming and UGC.


Project Manager

A versatile professional, adept at refining video content for YouTubers, and a strategic mind overseeing the seamless operation of complete game servers. Balancing creative finesse with technical prowess, I shape immersive digital experiences.


Game Design

A visionary in virtual realms, crafting both Minecraft servers and Roblox games. I seamlessly blend imaginative design with technical mastery, leaving a lasting mark in the dynamic landscape of digital creativity and UGC gaming as a whole.


Creative Director

A visionary creative director, shaping distinctive ideas for Minecraft servers, Roblox games, and YouTube videos. I seamlessly blend creativity across platforms, ensuring high click-through rates, and average view duration.


Audio Enginner

An audio alchemist, expertly creating professionally sounding audio for both songs and voiceovers. I seamlessly balance melodies and vocal nuances, sculpting experiences that resonate with clarity and emotion.

Open Source

I like open source; other people do the work for (sorry, with) me

A seasoned software developer with an expertise in Java, and a passion for open source, leveraging years of expertise to write robust code. I have honed my skills through extensive testing on enterprise-level projects, ensuring the delivery of reliable and scalable solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of software development.

Current Projects

Current Projects

Below is an updated list of all the Minecraft Networks I am associated with; either directly, or indirecttly

SharkBlocks' website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival, Creative, SkyBlock and KitPvP that I own in partnership with 09sharkboy

EyServer's website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival, Creative, SkyBlock and KitPvP that I own in partnership with Eystreem

TheCaveMC's website


A Minecraft Network consisting of Survival and Creative that I own in partnership with ConstructorLeo

Contact Me

Contact Me

Whether you're looking for some help on an upcoming project, interested to know more with something I've created/worked on, or just want to have a chat, I'm always available!

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Alerium Services, Ltd.

Software Development Agency formed in South Africa that owns and operates several different Game Servers

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